SEO and Website Marketing

Search Engine Registration

All websites developed by NewClear are verified and registered with Google, Bing and Yahoo as soon as they are published. Each website’s sitemap is created and loaded for the best indexing results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Indexing is what your needs before it shows up in Google, Bing and Yahoo or Yandex. We take your website and optimize it so it shows on Google and other major search engines.  All sites developed by NewClear have an automated SEO installed. But We have added SEO Services which can boost your websites ranking and generate more sales.

SEO Marketing Services

  • Content Compilation – New website script which includes all the correct search phrases which appeal to the correct target market
  • Script Review – Review and Editing of an existing website script to improve SEO
  • SEO Content Update – Update content and script according to SEO plugin suggestions
  • SEO Plugin – Improves your SEO analyse and optimize content, choose and register search phrases, choose page indexing
  • Streamline Plugin – Increase your traffic, view your stats, speed up your site, and protection from hackers
  • SEO Image Optimizer – Dynamically inserts SEO friendly titles and alt tags into images. It also Resize and Compress the images to boost your site speed
  • Sitemaps – Add two additional Sitemaps for Indexing
  • Google Analytics Plugin – Register and track website status and search results
  • Wordfence Security Provides security, protect website from hacks and malware

Responsive Design

All websites developed by NewClear are Responsive. Responsive Design means that a website can deliver content seamlessly to any device. Each website maintains the message and the graphics consistently irrelevant of the device or screen size being used, this way you can be sure that all relevant data is displayed correctly on any mobile device, tab, Ipad etc.

With more than 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide using mobile technology for access to online information, you simply cannot afford to have a website that is not responsive!

Social Media

Social Media can drive awareness to your customers, drive more sales or you can show your loyalty to your customers and receive instant feedback. Use it as an advertising platform combined with your website.

More importantly a good Social Media campaign creates better indexing for your business and when linked to your website, helps with SEO.

We will setup your business profiles for you and design all the graphics required to create an overall professional and slick look and link them to your website to maximize search engine indexing.

Social Networking Services

• Facebook Page and maintenance
• Twitter Profile and maintenance
• G+ Page and maintenance
• YouTube Channel and maintenance
• LinkedIn and maintenance


QR Code Marketing

We create and register Certified QR codes to market your website and business. Discover new ways of targeting your audience. At its most basic a QR Code is a barcode on steroids.

They’re used for encoding information in two-dimensional space like in the pages of magazines, in advertisements, on vehicle and other branding and even on TV. QR codes are tailor-made to quickly and easily link  your website or specific pages of your website to android and apple technology.